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GRC Facades

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GRC FRP Facades we offer are the ideal facade cladding materials and have principle use throughout the world. These can easily be molded into virtually all shapes or sizes allowing the ultimate in architectural appearance. Offered with multi-dimensional faces these can be used for balcony cladding panels, spandrel panels, column claddings etc. The major benefit of our GRC is to proffer a relatively light weight cladding system when related to either natural precast or cast stone products. These are virtually identical in various looks and touch to natural stone. These come with several inherent characteristics and their mix designs enable the reduction of both water absorption as well as carbonation so as to retain their supplied appearance longer. GRC FRP Facades have easier installation.

Key Points:

  • Totally cost effective, can be designed from the outset to transmit less imposed loading.
  • Served with beautiful looks and absolute functionality.
  • Come with boosted strength and enhanced serviceability.
  • Available with enticing designs with optimum shapes.

Our major export markets are United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East.
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