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Golden Carving Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-36

Red Crown Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-39

Back Crown Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-29

Carving Sofa Set

  • Product Code : Wf-34

Back Quilted Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-35

Peacock Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-13

Double Crown Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-14

Maharaja Sofa Set

  • Product Code : WF-37

Royal Carved Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-27

Gold Back Carving Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-19

English Theme Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-12

Indian Wedding Sofa Set

  • Product Code : WF-17

Silver Back Carving Sofa

  • Product Code : WF-22

Highback Quilting Chair

  • Product Code : WF-23
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The furniture for wedding is precious in itself like the wedding day in anybody’s life. It’s the furniture that gives liveliness to the wedding. Therefore, we are presently our beautifully and ergonomically made Wedding Furniture that is available in varied colors, designs, sizes and themes. The furniture can be provided in wooden. Metal, fiber and more material as per the customer’s prerequisite. In addition, our furniture can be included in any wedding theme. Each design is small and efficient in size that allows customers to add more furniture for their guest. Moreover, our Marriage Furniture increases appreciation of the wedding among customer’s guests.

Our major export markets are United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, Central America, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East.
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