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Peacock pillar 3

  • Product Code : WP39

Peacock Pillar 2

  • Product Code : WP38

Maharaja Pillar

  • Product Code : WP36

Acrylic Pillar

  • Product Code : WP34

Sun Mandap

  • Product Code : WP41

Jewel Pillar

  • Product Code : WP35

Ragini Pillar

  • Product Code : WP40

South Indian Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-31

Ragini Mandap Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-30

Carved Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-3

Sworoski Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-32

Peacock Mandap Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-28

Curved Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-5

Ajanta Pillar

  • Product Code : WP-16
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It was a shocking wedding where everybody could witness the serious and profound event. The prep was gotten near the Wedding Pillars by the ladies family, the lady was brought into the dance hall in a customary doli after which she sat inside the Mandap shrewdly hung with sequined window hangings to shape the "Purdah". Following the Nikah the prepare was brought before the lady in her rich gazebo where he got the lady of the hour and escorted her back to the Marriage Pillars to be saluted by the rest of the assembly. Each design offers the regent climate for a private wedding festivity.

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